Not only brides but also elegant and red carpet dresses that many celebrities from the world of entertainment choose for their appearances on TV. Emiliano Bengasi, designer from Fermo is increasingly appreciated by Italian VIP and the latest, in chronological order, is Eva Grimaldi who last week wore one of his dresses in prime time on channel 5 for her entry into the house of the Big Brother VIP.

The same dress had been liked a few weeks earlier by the Rai Due TV presenter Elena Ballerini who had worn it for a photo shoot.

Before Eva Grimaldi, Emiliano Bengasi had hit the heart of another tenant of the Big Brother VIP house, the former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro who had chosen a sumptuous black lace dress.

Over time, many famous people have chosen it for important appearances: Claudia Gerini, Giorgio Panariello, Diana del Bufalo, Luca Onestini, Adriana Volpe, Denny Mendez just to name a few.

Who will be the next VIP who will be bewitched by Emiliano Bengasi's clothes? The designer leaves us with the question, but with a wink he makes us realize that new surprises could happen soon.

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