Elegance and refinement without limits also for the man: groom, witness, or simple guests, if you prefer. Even the men's line is characterized by tailored suits that perfectly express the traditional values ​​of wearability and comfort. Jacquard fabrics, brocades and embroidered historical exclusive mix perfectly with precious details, jewel closures, brooches of Swarovski that make the garment unique and original. Emiliano Bengasi is, therefore, a guarantee also for the suits of the men's ceremony characterized by tailcoat, tight, tuxedos, redingot, revisited in a modern way for a young, enterprising, captivating and definitely fashion bridegroom. Thanks also to the innovative designs and patterns, the clothes are real works of art that arise from the encounter of elegance and refinement and the use of fine fabrics like silk. Emiliano also for the men's ceremony guarantees a "Customized" service by personalizing the garment in order to make it unique for the groom who will wear it.
The dress signed by Emiliano Bengasi dresses the man with a charm that he can not resist.


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