With over 220,000 weddings a year, to which are added about 9,000 foreign married couples, the Italian wedding sector is among the most developed in the world, capable of generating an economic inducement of about 10 billion euros, with an average cost for marriage between 20 thousand and 40 thousand euros. (data from i.stat and Assoeventi).

A real large industry more or less like that of Italian cinema that creates added value and employment and which now, more than others, risks being wiped out by the coronavirus emergency.

"Yet, little or nothing is said about Wedding - says Emiliano Bengasi, owner and designer of the Fermo maison of the same name - and even more seriously, there is even less talk of the professionals who animate one of the most dynamic and attractive sectors of our economy. Professionals and companies completely forgotten by the government and institutions in the moment of greatest difficulty. The latest example is the DL Ristori: the mechanism based on the Ateco codes provided by the government completely excludes the sector, which was also strongly affected by the penultimate Prime Ministerial Decree. There are tens of thousands of self-employed people and businesses, from locations to catering and banqueting, from photographers and videomakers to musicians, through specialized tailors, florists, fitters, travel agencies, make-up artists & hair stylists, animation companies and entertainment, ceremony car rental agencies and of course the wedding planner category. All Nace different, but all from a single sector. This is why we strongly ask for the ATECO mechanism to be overcome, which is not suitable for this moment of serious crisis. We also need a direct intervention for the wedding. In this terrible moment due to the COVID-19 emergency, concrete measures are needed that can compensate for the lost turnover and support it until the recovery, unfortunately still far away. In particular, it is necessary to open a table with the government to coordinate and evaluate with the companies and professionals of the sector to monitor the difficulties of the companies and prepare the relaunch of the sector. We also need the recognition of a direct reimbursement of operating costs in proportion to the days of inactivity given that 65,000 weddings were canceled in 2020 alone and not yet rescheduled and 70% were postponed to 2021. The wedding companies worked in one year only a month and not even at full capacity how can they survive thinking that if everything goes the first income will have them starting from May 2021? The government cannot close its eyes to the evidence and must also take into account our category ".

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