diana del bufalo diretta 3
Thursday in prime time on Rai Uno in the show "Panariello Under the tree" Diana Del Bufalo conductor of the program has descended from a long staircase intoning a vintage Christmas song. Sparkling in her gold and powder dress, Diana resembled a diva 40 years of the designer Emiliano Bengasi who has made a tailor-made dress for a thousand and one nights.


Here are all the secrets of the dress that made dream, a modern fable that stars a princess of our days. Over 1,500 hand-sewn Swarovski crystals one by one, 78 handmade silk butterflies, organza and tulle in gold-colored silk and chantilly powdery lace. All enriched on the shoulders by feathers of marabou and a vertiginous neckline on the back covered only by gold-colored buttons.
Emiliano Bengasi recounts the work behind this small masterpiece of high Italian tailoring: "A month and a half of work in which the various phases of the design, the realization of the pattern, from the cut to the seam of the dress up to the embroidery, as many as 4 seamstresses worked at the head, 172 hours of work and a personal driver who brought the dress up to Livorno.


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