Very elegant and both dressed in blue, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and his partner Simone Antolini celebrated their civil union yesterday. The ceremony was held at 1pm at the Maschio Angioino in Naples, with the mayor Gaetano Manfredi celebrating. A simple ceremony which saw as witnesses the journalist's ex-wife, Cristina Navarro, in a bold shade of red, and Ilenia Antolini, the groom's cousin. Wearing the wedding rings, however, was little Melissa, aged 5, Antolini's daughter. Both in blue, they stood out for their measured ideas of originality. Alessandro Cecchi Paone chose a classic suit by Gianni Molaro, worn over a blue shirt with mandarin collar, without tie or bow tie, combined with a waistcoat in tone-on-tone fabric. But the focal point of the look were the comfy cardinal red velvet slippers, complete with gold numerals.

For the partner, however, a grand ceremony outfit thanks to a tailcoat by Emiliano Bengasi in an intense shade between blue and baby blue, with a jacket in damask silk fabric with burgundy references, contrasting profiles, and a tie in the same fabric with the crown jewel logo and symbol of Emiliano Bengasi affixed to the center of the knot, shirt with double collar.
A few hours before the wedding Alessandro and Simone received social greetings from Emma Bonino projected during the ceremony. "Dear Alessandro and Simone, best wishes, but always remember that falling in love happens, fortunately, without putting too much effort; then comes the most complicated time of loving each other, because it requires will and discipline. Finally, the stage of loving each other will take over and we have reached that point, it will mean that you have had a lucky life"

Obviously the guests at the ceremony were also exceptional, including many well-known faces. From Elenoire Ferruzzi, to the Pompadour sisters (with fishnet stockings, feathers and sequins) passing through the Marquise Daniela D'Aragone, Michel Altieri, Roberto Gobbi and many others.
The party was instead held inside the Sannazzaro Theater in the heart of Naples. A reception with a completely Neapolitan flavor complete with entertainment with Pazzarielli and mandolins and auspicious horseshoe as gifts for the guests.

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