Something blue, something red, something… green.

The ancient saying according to which the bride on her wedding day should wear something blue and red as a good omen is updated thanks to the growing interest in sustainability that also infects the wedding world.

The designer Emiliano Bengasi, at the next edition of Milan Bridal week, will present a mini collection of tailored, eco-sustainable dresses that experiment with new materials.

Nettle, hemp and 100% natural bamboo sign the essential and sumptuous mood at the same time of intense and scenographic creations in which Emiliano's princely signature is expressed.

The eco - friendly wedding dress will therefore be the new protagonist of the bridal fashion sector and it is expected that in 2020 it will reach a global value of 80 billion dollars.

The Designer on April 2021 in the Milanese catwalks of SiGreenBridal organized by Sposaitalia Collezioni will present a capsule collection of eco-sustainable clothes, in which the designer's artistic flair will blend with an unprecedented naturalness of Maeko yarns.

The result are three dresses enclosed by the emblematic - and full of references - name "Life" which amplifies the new life of the plants from which the fabrics with which the creations themselves are made, strictly by hand, come.

Bengasi, therefore, is no longer a habit of sustainability but a real approach to femininity and well-being. Fabrics from organic farming that breathe the body and spirit with a new awareness of diversity and change.

A revolutionary approach that involves the dress and in which no detail is left to chance but is conceived in a totally green key like the accessories themselves, among which the micro-lasered wooden footwear stands out.

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